API 2.0 Release Notes

Core API

Changed or Enhanced Features

  • Version 2.0 of the core API is defined at:
  • The startSession operation now returns three string values (session, userId, and corporationId) instead of a custom type with three properties.
  • The session parameter required by all operations has been changed to a string.
  • The eventMetadata property was added to the event object
  • The states association was added to Country
  • The specialties association was added to Candidate
  • Form triggers can now be added for changes to a JobSubmission or PlacementChangeRequest

New Features

  • The following file-related operations were added to the core API
    • addFile
    • deleteFile
    • getEntityFiles
    • getFile
    • updateFile
  • The following custom template-related operations allow users to retrieve custom template data associated with people or client coporation records
    • getClientCorporationTemplateData
    • getClientCorporationTemplateDataIds
    • getClientCorporationTemplateIds
    • getClientCorporationTemplateMetadata
    • getUserTemplateData
    • getUserTemplateDataIds
    • getUserTemplateIds
    • getUserTemplateMetadata
  • The following operations provide additional access to private label configuration data
    • getViewLayout
    • getJobOrderViewLayout
    • getCertifications
  • The parseResume operation enables developers to use the Bullhorn parser to extract candidate data from a file or text data.
  • The startPartnerSession operation enables partner applications to create API sessions on behalf of a user that is using their Marketplace application

Bug fixes

  • API calls will no longer return invalid character data that has been stored in the database
  • Changes made via the API to addresses now appear correctly in the edit history
  • Edits to candidate data made from the overview page now throw events
  • API users can now modify the categoryID property of a Candidate
  • The dateLastComment property is now updated when a note reference is added via the API

Admin API Features

  • The admin API operations are defined in a separate WSDL file:
  • The following operations enable api users to access and modify to CorporateUser data
    • addEmailAlias
    • addUserDepartment
    • createCorporateUser
    • getEmailAliases
    • getMobileDeviceTypes
    • getMobileSettings
    • getSystemSettings
    • getUserDelegates
    • getUserDelegations
    • getUserSettings
    • removeEmailAlias
    • removeUserDepartment
    • setUserPrimaryDepartmentId
    • updateMobileSettings
    • updateSystemSetting
    • updateUserDelegations
    • updateUserSetting
  • API users can use the save operation to modify CorporateUser.
  • The following operations enable API users to modify PrivateLabel configuration data:
    • createBusinessSector
    • createCategory
    • createCertification
    • createSkill
    • getEntityFieldMaps
    • getJobOderFieldMaps
    • getViewLayout
    • updateEntityFieldMap
    • updateJobOrderFieldMap
    • updateJobOrderViewLayout
    • updateViewLayout

Custom Tabs

  • The administrative interface for custom tabs was changed
  • Administrators can now configure more than three custom tabs on an entity
  • Custom tabs can now be added on the Placement screen
  • Custom tabs configured to do so will now pass an authToken parameter as part of the URL for use with the startPartnerSession operation