API 2.0.2 Release Notes

Core API

Version 2.0.2 of the core API is defined at:

Changed or Enhanced Features

  • The application now throws a change event when a candidate, contact, or job is added to a tearsheet.
  • Administrators can now set more than 3 fields on an entity to the edit type of Custom External Control.
  • A CF trigger hook can be attached to senduserprofile.cfm (applies to Bullhorn internal development only).

New Features

  • A Javascript can be attached to the Candidate, ClientCorporation, ClientContact, Job, Submission, Placement and Placement Change Request Entities (applies to Bullhorn internal development only).
  • Values of a field passed to a Form Triggers can be changed before committing to the system as follows:
    • User edits a record and clicks save
    • The form triggers passes the form data to the remote service
    • The remote service returns a true value for validation and a set of values that should be changed
    • The form JavaScript processes the changed values and updates the data locally
    • Data is saved to the Bullhorn database
  • Form Triggers are available on Notes

Bug fixes

  • Parter API keys are no longer required for a Corporation for API 2.0 Custom Tab functionality to work properly (DEV-35265)

Admin API

Version 2.0.2 of the admin API is defined at:

New Features

  • Add, Update and Delete Business Sectors via the API
  • Add, Update and Delete Specialties via the API