If I am a Bullhorn customer, where can I get a developer key?


Bullhorn customers can obtain OAuth keys for developing applications using Bullhorn REST API by creating a support ticket via the Bullhorn Resource Center.


The administrator in your company can generate your own key. To generate a key, log into Bullhorn and select Tools > BH Connect > Web Services API. Click Add API Key to create a new key. There is no limit to the number of keys you can generate. It is generally recommended that you generate a key for each new project. That way, you can disable a key if the project is canceled or is no longer in use.

If I am a Bullhorn partner, where can I get a developer key?
Partner keys are only available directly from Bullhorn. If you are interested in becoming a partner, send an email to or fill out the form available on the Bullhorn Marketplace.

Once I have an API key how do I get started?
Visit the getting started page for a guide to all the resources available to you.

What are the Bullhorn APIs? Where can I learn more about them?
The Bullhorn APIs are programming interfaces that programmers can use to integrate the Bullhorn application with third-party applications and data. The APIs also provide mechanisms that enable developers to customize the Bullhorn user interface with custom components and validations. The APIs were designed for use by either customers or partners that wish to integrate their products and services with the Bullhorn application.

To learn more about the Bullhorn APIs, you can view the documentation.

What other resources are available to help developers?
In addition to the documentation, there are also articles with samples, and support forums.